3 Ways to Keep Your Office Carpets Clean and Neat

Presented by a Reliable Janitorial Cleaning Provider

Carpeting is a valuable investment for any home or business. It adds a special touch to any environment. If you are a building owner who is wondering how to maintain his precious commercial carpets in tip-top condition, then this article is for you. Our professional janitorial cleaning provider has something to share with you in this relation:

  • Vacuum them as often as possible; Actually, this is the best way to remove filth, dust, and allergens from the daily foot traffic. For example, if you own a pet grooming salon, you should vacuum your carpets on a daily basis. People coming to your commercial area with their pets may cause a havoc of plying fur around. Ask the janitors you have hired to use their vacuum cleaner regularly as this is the fastest method to remove dirt and keep them looking clean and tidy.

  • Remove spills immediately; Even if you don’t have snow-white carpets, spills can still make stains be quite visible and eye-sore. If someone spills a liquid on your commercial carpet, make sure to remove it as quickly as possible. This is the only way you can ensure there will be no stains left. If for some reason, you don’t see and eliminate the dirt immediately, you can always use warm water and dish soap for treating stubborn stains. Hydrogen peroxide would be perfect for removing blood.

  • Have your carpets cleaned professionally every now and then; This is a must regardless of what type of business you run. To keep the presentable look of your investment, you have to hire qualified cleaners who will use specialized machines, equipment, and cleaning solutions for treating commercial carpets. They definitely know how to get the job done. For extensive foot traffic, we recommend you do that every six months or so. Professionals will not only remove all stains and dirt trapped deep into the fibers but also leave them smelling nice and fresh.

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