Always Thought a Janitor and a Custodian Were One and the Same?

Custodian vs Janitor Cleaning Services

A recent poll was done asking people if they knew the difference between a custodian and a janitorial cleaning service. Almost 100% of them answered yes they did.

So what exactly is a custodian?
What is a custodian, and are they different from a janitor? What do their jobs entail? Because the 2 words are very similar. A janitor often refers more specifically to the work they are tasked to do, which is cleaning. However, a custodian is more than just a cleaner. They will maintain and take care of a building, in addition to performing cleaning tasks. In school settings, the word custodian is usually the preferred term.

The duties of a custodian will vary from person to person, all depending on their job description, when they work and what skills they possess. They are often required to unlock a building in the morning, bring in newspapers, de-ice walkways in the winter, check HVAC systems etc. Then there is also the exciting work of cleaning the likes of floors, toilets, sinks, vacuuming, cleaning windows, taking out the trash to mention but a few.

Add to these such tasks as setting up and removing tables, chairs, risers etc., for special events, including all sporting events. Cleaning these events will often include cleaning the stadium, gyms, locker rooms, bathrooms, concession stands, and much more. At times, being a custodian can be somewhat overwhelming and exhausting.

Custodial work can be quite enjoyable. As they have the opportunity to meet teachers, public officials, the public, administration, to name but a few. Dealing with vendors that specialize in different trades is a good way to add to their repertoire also.

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