Delegate Your Floor Cleaning to a Professional House Cleaning Service Provider!

Keeping your home clean at all times is an impossible chore for anyone who has a job, children, or hasn’t the strength to spend energy and time on this type of work anymore. You can save yourself the trouble, energy, and time by enlisting the services of a professional. If you are in Novato, CA or the surrounding area, Peak Building Services is the helping hand you have been looking for! In business since 2009, we have been making the daily lives of our clients easier by offering them our skilled house cleaning service, especially when it comes to quality floor cleaning.

Keeping your floors clean is very important not only for the overall appearance of your home but for your health as well. Throughout the day we track dust, dirt, and various other allergens on our floors. Accidental spills can turn into lasting stains over time which can be detrimental to the aesthetics of the room. A clean and sparkling floor freshens up the entire space and makes the room look dignified and cared for. Most importantly, you will know you are in a clean and healthy environment.

We, here at Peak Building Services, have the skills necessary to provide you with an exceptional house cleaning service. We know exactly which technique and which supplies to use for different types of flooring. Be it hardwood, Laminate, linoleum, vinyl, tile, grout, marble, or even stone, we know how to clean it most effectively. Our cleaning personnel comes equipped with their own gear and implements, so there will be no need for you to waste money on supplies. We use high-quality cleaning products which guarantee results. We have all the cleaning tools needed to scrub, mop, clean, and wax to perfection any surface. Our skilled staff can remove stains from tile and grout which have set in and crusted long ago. You will surely be amazed by the results. Our services can be booked with any frequency, so you can choose if you need us daily, weekly, monthly or in any other combination.

To book our expert house cleaning service or find out more, call our office in Novato, CA at (415) 246-2029. We’re keen to clean anything you need!

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