Get Quality Window Cleaning and Home Cleaning Service Done by Us!

Have you spotted tough stains and dirt on your windows? If you don’t know how you can remove them, you should let our professionals here at Peak Building Services handle the window cleaning service. We are a reputable cleaning contractor in Novato, CA that provides quality window cleaning and other home cleaning services. With our experience in providing the service, we can provide you with an array of solutions for effective window cleaning. That is why a lot of our clients keep on coming back for our service.

If you want to know why you can trust us for the service, read on.

We assess the windows first

Before we clean your windows, we do an assessment of their current condition. That means we inspect them thoroughly just to see what’s really wrong with them. Once the assessment is made, we will then plan out various ways to provide better and efficient cleaning for your windows. That way, everything will be done smoothly and on a timely manner.

We make an effective plan for the service

When it comes to planning, we take note of the important points about your windows that need to be addressed. This is one way for us to ensure that everything is done accordingly to what was planned. It’s also a way for us to check if there are lapses during the window cleaning service or not. This goes the same to all of our cleaning services, including commercial cleaning and floor cleaning among others.

We use quality cleaning materials

For the cleaning job to be efficient, we always use the appropriate cleaning materials for the service. In terms of the cleaning agents, we use those that are effective and efficient in removing dirt, stains, and dust on your windows. That goes for the cleaning supplies that we usually use. Effective materials would mean a big help to the quality of the work that we do.

If you’re searching for a reliable cleaning contractor in Novato, CA, feel free to hire Peak Building Services for the service. We also deliver other impeccable home cleaning services to you as well. For inquiries and more details about our service, reach us right now at (415) 246-2029.