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Things to Look for in a Professional Cleaning Service

When you have drawn up a list of your needs, the next thing you need to do is to identify a cleaning service which has some form of screening process in place for their employees. This is extremely important, as the cleaning process may sometimes occur when you are not in the house. Which is why you will want some form of assurance the people coming into your home are honest, trustworthy, and fully committed to doing the best job that they can. Ideally, any professional service you are considering should be more than happy to share with you how they qualify their employees, such as background checks.

Another consideration is to figure out what your commitment is going to be. Some services will provide discounted rates when clients commit to either a 1 or 2-year service contract. However, if this is a way too long-term commitment for you, you should ask about other shorter options. It is usually advisable to use a service for at least a month before you make any long-term commitment. By doing this, you can simply walk away when things don’t work out.

Additional services every now and then are something else you need to consider, so you need to ask the cleaning service if they can include a few extra cleaning duties when you are expecting company or are planning on throwing a party? Knowing you can count on the service means you will not have to scramble for other services at the very last minute. However, remember to bear in mind that as an already established customer, you could qualify for a discount for these cleaning jobs.

Choosing a professional cleaning service basically boils down to going with either an office or home cleaning provider that are reputable, reasonably priced, screen their employees, and can offer additional services when needed. If you live or work in the Novato, CA region, please do not hesitate to call Peak Building Services today at (415) 246-2029.

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