Not Sure What to Look for in a Cleaning Company?

What Makes a Quality Janitorial Cleaning Service

Services provided

The first thing you need to know before hiring any janitorial cleaning company is if they can offer the services you need. Some specialize in janitorial services, however, others tend to focus mostly on window cleaning. You may be in the market for a commercial cleaner that is able to offer multiple services. This process will streamline and eliminate any companies you do not have to contact. Some services you may want are listed below:

1. Hard floor maintenance

2. Cleaning carpets

3. High-pressure cleaning

4. Janitorial work

5. Cleaning windows

Previous reviews and experience

Commercial cleaners will work on your property after business hours. Which means you need a company that you can trust. Ask about current clients and experience in order to gain a better sense of how well established the cleaning company actually is.


Protecting your property will begin with first trusting the cleaning company, plus, ensuring they do a good job, which is why you need to ask each potential company to walk you through their hiring process. Their process must include performing background checks, after which intensive training for a more uniformed end product. You can also if the cleaning company how high their staff turnover is.


Your industry will often go to determine the level of experience the janitorial cleaning company will need. For instance, if you are looking for cleaning services for a medical facility you will need a company who can adhere to strict guidelines. However, on the other hand, if your company is data-driven and has the technology, then you need to make sure the cleaning company you hire take into consideration the numerous wires which will be around. If you need help keeping your business clean and sanitary, please call Peak Building Services in Novato, CA today on (415) 246-2029.

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