So You Think a Professional Cleaning Service Is a Relatively New Concept?

How Cleaning Service First Came to Fruition

The Egyptian Cleaning Methods the Old Testament Style
Ancient Egyptians are infamous for their Mummies, pyramids, and hieroglyphics. The families that could afford them had slaves as their own private cleaning service. Apart from this, they would also help them with their hygiene and other vanities they indulged in at that time. They did, however, value their cleanliness in both with their environment and with their grooming. You can see this continued even in death.

The Babylonian Cleaning Methods the Old Testament Style
Now, most of us know that the Babylonians were famous for the hanging gardens. It is a sight none of us have had the pleasure to see. But, this is not about the history of gardening but cleaning. They are possibly one of the earliest civilizations to discover the hazards of contaminated water.

They discovered contaminated water brought on diseases, which is why they made a point of bringing in fresh water every day to use for their household activities. However, this part starts to encroach on to the subject of sanitation. Still, sanitation is still the reason why people clean, right? So this can still be counted in the history of cleaning.

The possible origin of spring-cleaning
Ah yes, spring is said to be the season of new beginnings. And is the time when everything is fresh and clean. However, it is also a good time to get rid of those cobwebs and soot around your fireplace. Some say it was a ceremony in Ancient Persia known as shaking the house which first inspired the idea of spring-cleaning, as it was some form of New Year’s celebration. Unfortunately, there are no clear connections to date found in the history of cleaning to attest to this. Although, it is kind of interesting to consider the idea of spring-cleaning originated in a country which does not even have a spring season, to begin with!

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