Thinking of Teaching Your Kids to Cook?

Clean up Cooking Tips for Your Children

Before you make the decision to teach your children how to cook, you first need to set up a few ground rules. Such as what equipment they cannot touch, what they can use only under supervision, where they will find certain items and that helping with the clean up afterward is an absolute must. Part of the responsibility of learning how to cook is first learning to clean the mess up.

Cleaning up can be quite easy, more so when you clean as you go and follow a few practical tips.

  1. Clean and stack as you go along. Rinse any bowls, utensils and other equipment using some hot water and detergent, and stack them as best as you can beside the sink in order to free up more counter space.

  2. Soak all the pots, pans and other dishes which have food baked or stuck on them in a bowl or sink full of hot soapy water.

  3. Never put any knives in to soak. As someone could reach in a badly cut themselves. Wipe all the knives clean and place them on the countertop beside the sink.

  4. Make sure there are plenty of paper towels handy to clean any spills on the counters, stovetop, and floor as they occur.

  5. Cutting boards must always be used for raw meat, seafood, poultry, and such must be put in the hot soapy water in the sink also. This will make sure they will not be used by accident when chopping fresh food.

  6. Always begin with a clean dishcloth and tea towel. Wet sponges and any dirty dishcloths will spread germs and bacteria when not changed often.

  7. Use a spoon rest to hold any dirty spoons or spatulas

  8. Pull the garbage can to where you are working, as this makes it easy to throw any cuttings, peels, and trimmings away instead of leaving them to build up in your workstation.

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